“It’s the kind of city you hear about in mythical legends. Towers tall enough to break through the clouds to touch the sun, streets wider than an entire village, and filled with enough people from different cultures that you’ll have crossed the world in a few blocks. I’ve dedicated my life to recording the greatness that is our Illustrious Capital. This city alone has a history that rivals our entire world. It is a whole different world unto itself.

A beautiful and dirty one."
~Lyste Vaudlic, Lead Scribe of the Illustrious Records Department

Welcome to the Golden Revolution

The times have changed. The age-old tales of adventurers and good versus evil have given way to the new age. Tales of engineers and scholars replaced the knights and wizards of old. Machines and magic overtook sword and sorcery. The stories we tell children today are not the stories we told back then.

The world is a completely different beast now. What was thought to be impossible merely a hundred years ago is not only possible, but routine. The invention of advanced machinery and weapons changed the face of warfare forever. The introduction of airships and locomotives makes traveling a trivial affair. Cities bigger and grander than even the greatest cities in history cover the land. Yet, not even the grandest cities of the world can compare with the Illustrious Capital, the Brass City known as Khrona-Kai.

You are one of the millions of inhabitants of Khrona-Kai. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just discovered its majesty, you’ve made it your home. Its blood runs through your veins, much as your blood runs through the city’s. Despite this, there were signs that everybody missed. Small details that painted a larger picture that people never saw until it was too late.

Something big is brewing and you’ve found yourself caught in its wake.

Tales From the Brass City

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